Our Mission

First Call For Help is committed to fulfilling our misson by connecting people in need with available resources.

Our Mission

To enhance the Southeast Missouri Community’s capacity to connect people in need with the appropriate resources through the collection, organization and dissemination of information.

How We Help

Our process begins when every caller is greeted with a friendly voice that genuinely cares about the people in our communities. A needs assessment is completed with each caller to identify their initial need and any secondary needs. Once needs are identified, we work to meet those needs through information and referral, case assistance and advocacy. Through information and referral, we work to identify available resources and provide the referral information to the caller who is then able to use the information on their own. Through case assistance, we work with the caller when they require assistance in accessing the services they are referred to or to verify eligibility in special circumstances. Our staff can walk the caller through each step of obtaining the needed service or make contact with service providers that do not take direct client calls. If there is a situation where no resources can be found, we use creative problem solving to find help in a different area that may, in turn, alleviate the original issue. The case assistance process varies in length of time depending on the situation. Through advocacy, assistance can be provided to communicate needs to a service provider, to clear any miscommunications, or to notify a service provider of the caller’s situation. Case assistance and advocacy are provided only with permission from the caller.

In addition to coordinating services for clients, First Call For Help also works with service providers to coordinate available resources to maximize both designated and flexible community funds. Through coordination, more needs are met when available resources are used effectively.

Who We Serve Helping Kids
Who We Serve

Our helpline serves individuals and families in Cape Girardeau, Jackson, Sikeston, Dexter, Marble Hill, Perryville or anywhere in our five-county coverage area. Our database of social service agencies and programs covers Cape Girardeau, Scott, Stoddard, Bollinger and Perry Counties. Service providers who work with clients in these counties can also call for resource information.

Service Providers
For Service Providers

In addition to connecting callers with assistance programs, First Call For Help also works directly with service providers as they navigate the social service delivery system for their clients. Service providers can call the helpline on behalf of their clients or to gather aggregate data for grant writing or community planning.